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DuBois students reflect on how start of school year has been

DuBois, PA – Now a week after the start of the school year, how are students doing at DuBois Area High School?

Check below for the full interviews with local students from DuBois Area School District.

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Kaylee McCracken, a senior, sums it up nicely… sure, it feels nice to be back, but it is admittedly a little weird. She says she missed seeing everyone, especially the teachers. As she’s a senior, she’s hoping to be able to do many of the normal things for her last year of high school… musicals, graduation, dances, and concerts. Kaylee also reminds everyone to be patient. Students, teachers, and staff are all trying their best to follow the rules, meet the new guidelines, and still have a good year.


Caleb McCartney, another senior, agrees that the new school year doesn’t feel normal, but he’s glad to see his friends in-person again. Caleb says the summer was lonely this year without getting to hang out with other students. He says adults and families can help make the school year a little easier by having some compassion for the students.


Emily Richards, another senior at DASD, is hoping to have some normalcy for her final year at the high school. She’d like to be able to do the normal senior things, like theater, dances, and other events. She urges everyone to have patience with students, faculty, and staff… everyone is working hard to get accustomed to the changes.


Maddy Olewick, a junior, says even though the online classes are going more smoothly than in spring, she’s also just happy to be back for at least part of the week. She says it’s been tough adjusting to having in-person classes just a few days a week, and it’s strange that you can’t see teachers’ mouths moving behind a mask or see your friend smile in the hallway. Other than that, Maddy is hopeful for the new school year and says DuBois teachers are doing a good job making things feel normal.


Of course, there are a lot of new rules to follow, and it can be difficult. But Julie Wirths, a sophomore, reminds us that it’s unfair to blame the teachers for any complaints you might have. Julia also says she hopes that our COVID-19 case numbers decrease so that school can reopen on a more normal 5-days-a-week schedule.


Jeremiah Mondi, a freshman, has a plea for parents… your student is dealing with a lot of new stuff, so cut them some slack. Although doing part online learning and part in-person learning is strange, he says it seems like students are adjusting fine.

Newscast featuring voices of Jeremiah Mondi and Maddy Olewick

Newscast featuring voices of Kaylee McCracken and Caleb McCartney

Newscast featuring voices of Julia Wirths and Emily Richards.