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DuBois Police: man with chain, child without coat, loose dog


DuBois, PA – Concerned citizens called DuBois City Police with worries about suspicious or possibly dangerous things that were happening, but in both cases everyone had left the scene by the time officers arrived.

In police reports from Oct. 5, someone called DuBois City Police to report that they saw a man get out of a pickup truck, carrying a chain and walking towards another woman’s vehicle. When the man saw the caller sitting in another vehicle nearby, he got back in his truck and left.

Also police got a concerned call for a woman who was walking with her child, and the child had no coat on. Police searched the area but did not locate the woman or the child.

In another case, however, DuBois City Police were able to get a dog back to its home. They got a call about a loose dog and followed the animal back to a house, where the door was open. A woman appeared at the door and told police that she had been in the shower and didn’t realize the door was open. She closed the door, with the dog safely back inside.


Read the DuBois City police reports for Oct. 5:

Police received a call regarding suspicious activity on Mahoning St by the callers vehicle at approx. 6:30AM. The caller stated there was a 4 door maroon extended cab truck and a sedan with a female driver with a Virginia registration. The pickup truck pulled in front of the callers vehicle, a male got out with a chain and was walking towards her vehicle. When he saw the caller sitting in her other vehicle, he got back in his truck and they both left.

Police were dispatched to the area of 201 W. Long Ave. for the report of a female who was walking with her child and the child had no coat on. The caller requested a welfare check on the child. Police searched the area but did not locate the mother or child. Police cleared.

Police were dispatched to the 400 block of S. Main St. for a complaint of a dog running loose. The caller followed the dog to a residence, which the door was open and it appeared as though nobody was home. Upon arrival, Officers responded to the residence and located an opened door at the rear of the house. Officers observed several animals. A female appeared and advised that she was in the shower and unaware that the door was left open. She secured the door and no further action was taken.

Police received a noise compliant at 303 S. Jared St. The caller reported the neighbors are being very loud. Upon arrival, police were unable to hear any noise coming from the residence.