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DuBois films most parts of May 29 graduation ceremony video

DuBois, PA – Most parts of the 2020 DuBois High School graduation have been filmed and photographed for the expected May 29 ceremony!

We’d like to give our sincere congratulations to our 2020 graduating class. We know that this is not the way that you expected to end your high school career, but we know you are facing these unusual circumstances with an inspiring amount of creativity and adaptability.

Please listen to Sunny 106 on May 29 to help celebrate and honor these amazing individuals!

Congratulations and best of luck to the DuBois Class of 2020! We know you will do great things.



Graduation for DuBois Area High School is been scheduled for Friday, May 29, and we’ll be broadcasting it on Sunny 106 so everyone can celebrate and enjoy the ceremony safely!

DuBois Area School District Superintendent Wendy Benton says they would attempt to hold a traditional ceremony if at all possible, but they need to plan for the very likely scenario that a typical graduation would draw too many people into one area, making it unsafe.

Instead, they will be prerecording the ceremony and allowing everyone to watch it on May 29 from their own vehicles while gathered in a large parking lot.

It will still include many of the parts of graduation that the Class of 2020 said was important to them… such as walking across the field to receive their diploma.

Listen to the full details from Superintendent Wendy Benton.

The speeches and performances will be prerecorded with equipment and services offered by Tri-County Church.

Over the past weekend, after caps and gowns arrived, the graduates and their immediate families met at Mansell Stadium to be filmed having their name announced, walking across the field or stage, and receiving their diploma.

These were done in 10-minute intervals, to adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

The goal is to film all parts of the graduation ceremony separately in advance by May 18, which will then be compiled together as one virtual ceremony video by Brennan Bell from Tri-County Church.

Then on May 29, starting at 6:30 p.m., graduates will meet in their vehicles in the middle school parking lot for a planned driving parade.

They are still trying to find to a large enough parking lot that all vehicles can meet somewhere and watch an outdoor screen to watch the ceremony video together. Penn State DuBois has offered to let the DuBois Area School District use their large inflatable screens, but they are still looking for a location to set them up.

We’ll be broadcasting that live graduation ceremony on Sunny 106 on May 29, as the students watch the prerecorded video from their cars.

You can listen to the ceremony along with them on the radio and feel pride in our DuBois Class of 2020 who have accomplished so much under new and difficult circumstances.


Listen to the full interviews with two DASD seniors, interviewed by one of our newest staff members, Kaylee McCracken, who is a junior at DASD.