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DuBois Council Eliminates Employment Position


DUBOIS – A City of DuBois employment position is being eliminated at the end of August.

By a three-to-two vote at their Monday meeting, DuBois City Council ended the position of Assistant Public Works Director. That position is currently held by Joe Mitchell. City and Sandy Township Manager Shawn Arbaugh noted that by eliminating the position, money will be freed up to be used for other positions.

Also at the meeting, Arbaugh told council members that he does not recommend that a cooperation agreement between the city and redevelopment authority be executed.


Here are notes from the June 10 DuBois City Council meeting:

Redevelopment Authority Cooperation Agreement

·Township/City Manager Shawn Arbaugh stated he did not recommend executing the cooperation agreement with the redevelopment authority.

·Trying to manage the employee who worked with the RA was tough to manage as his time was split between two different organizations that some times had conflicting goals.

o According to the City’s website, the listed Redevelopment employees were Joe Mitchell and the already resigned Becky Hoover.

·CDBG Work done under the agreement will be done by the City or other third party groups, such as Urban Designs that is already under contract to do some of the City’s CDBG work.

·There was no vote to continue or re-enter the agreement.

Assistant Public Works Director

·In a 3-2 vote the City Council voted to end the Assistant Public Works Director position. No name was given, but according to the City’s website, this position is held by Joe Mitchell.

o For vote: Pat Reasinger, Jenifer Jackson, Elliot Gelfand

o Against: Jim Aughenbaugh, Shane Dietz

·Township/City Manager Shawn Arbaugh said the effective date of the position’s dissolving would be August 30. It would free up money to be used for other positions.

·Sandy Township’s Public Works Director and the City/Township Engineer will assist the Public Works director until consolidation.

o When asked after the meeting, Shawn said the Public Works Director position would be split between Water & Sewer and City proper.

o Shawn also stated that Sandy Township currently does not have a Public Works Director as they are in the process of trying to hire one.

o The current City/Township Engineer’s last day is the first week of July.

·Shane Dietz asked: “What happens to the person holding this position?”

o Shawn: “That position would be eliminated. They would not have employment unless another position was created.”

Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program Grant

·The City of DuBois has access to a potential $1.2 million in RACP grant money.

o The grant is a 50-50 match.

o The City will apply the value of the land infrastructure is built on towards the amount the City would owe.

o This does not sell or give ownership of the land to anyone else.

o There would be appraisal, engineering fees, still owed by the City towards any projects.

o Pat: “A $100 thousand, maybe, to get $1.2 million?”

·A proposed project is to put in a pickle ball court.

o Jennifer Jackson objected.  Citing that anything built would have an ongoing legacy/maintenance cost.

o Jackson recommended instead to renovate and upgrade current infrastructure.

o Gelfand suggested the skate park.

o Shawn said he’d ask City employees.  He also noted restrooms in the park could either be renovated or town down.

o Resident Kristen Vida, in the public comment period, suggested upgrading the T-ball field.