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DuBois Council Accepts Nasuti Retirement, Approves Employees’ Move, Considers Refinancing


DUBOIS — A retirement and resignation formally accepted, early consolidation of administrative employees’ work spaces, and debt refinancing — those were the primary topics addressed at Tuesday’s DuBois City Council meeting.

The July 5th resignation and retirement of DuBois and Sandy Township Engineer Chris Nasuti was formally accepted.

Council also approved the move of all city and township administrative staff into the DuBois Municipal Building.

In an effort to reduce long-term debt, the city is currently negotiating the refinancing of three loans. City and Township Manager Shawn Arbaugh reported that successful refinancing could save the city approximately $100,000 per year.


Here are the notes from the Tuesday, May 28th DuBois City Council meeting:

Chris Nasuti Retires

· City/Sandy Engineer Chris Nasuti’s resignation was formally accepted at Tuesday’s meeting.

· It was previously announced that he would be retiring.

· His final day is July 5.

·The City of DuBois is seeking applications for a new engineer.

Employee Changes

· The City Council voted to approve Sandy Township’s suggestion to consolidate both municipalities’ administrative employees into the City of DuBois Municipal Building.

· Between the shared Municipal Manager position, shared Municipal Engineer position, and Sandy Township administrative staff coming to the City Municipal building to fill in for the previously vacated, and soon to be vacant, positions in the accounting department the two municipalities were already effectively in the process of consolidation.

· The City Council voted to approve and move forward with the new employee manual.

· City Employee Bob Swoop questioned the City Council on how this could have happened considering the union was told they would be approached for input on the manual. According to Swoop, the City just approved the new employee manual without union input.

City Debt Refinancing

· The City is in talks to refinance three of its high variable interest loans with bonds.

· This would reduce the interest rates from 5.7% currently to 3.9% with the debt being paid off in 15 years (2039/2040).

· According to City Mayor Pat Reasinger, this is faster than before as some of the would be refinanced debt are loans as far out as 2047.

· Per Shawn Arbaugh, this would save the City $100k a year.

· The City is currently holding off as packaging the expected $2 million in debt for renovating the City municipal building in this debt could get a better deal. This $2 million will be reimbursed by the state of Pennsylvania, but the City will need to take the debt first for it to be reimbursed.

DuBois Volunteer Fire Department

· Assistant Fire Chief Leo Brooks announced news and recognitions at the meeting.

· For news, the department has completed the ISO inspection for this five year period.  Brooks hopes the department will retain its ISO 1 rating. DuBois is one of five volunteer departments this highly rated in the country.

· Brooks announced the latest seven fire students to graduate from fire school.

· Brooks recognized former fire chief Jerry McIntosh. Jerry has been in the department for 57 years now and was a chief in the 80s. Jerry’s grandfather was a fire chief in the 1920s or 30s. Two of Jerry’s grandchildren were among the graduates.



· June 8th will be the 75th DuBois Little League Celebration.

· The park will have inflatables, food, and a homerun derby.

· There will be fireworks that night.

· Regarding the cost to bring some baseball events to DuBois and the debt issues for the parks, some residents suggested looking at implementing a hotel tax. Stating around 14% is the national average.