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DuBois Community Days: Interviews with entertainers, organizers


DuBois, PA – DuBois Community Days is back! The DuBois Volunteer Fire Department is proud to once again offer Community Days, offering lots of fun free activities for families to enjoy on Friday and Saturday, June 11 and 12 at the DuBois City Park!

Most activities are completely free, but you’ll want to bring extra cash for all that yummy food. Booths for local non-profits, charity organizations, and businesses will be giving away items, playing games, and offering lots of information about what they do in our community.

2021 Community Days
June 11, 5pm – 10pm and June 12, 8am – 10pm.

Firemen’s’ Parade Saturday at 5pm
Fireworks Saturday at 10pm

Visit the Community Days website at duboiscommunitydays.org to learn more about the activities, sponsorships, and donations available this year!


Listen to the full interview with Erich Carawalla, the band leader of The Ulptown Band which will be playing Saturday at the 2021 DuBois Community Days. Learn more at www.theuptownband.com.

Thom Wall, a juggler and Vaudeville-style performer, will be performing multiple times Friday and Saturday and doing his stunts. Learn more at www.ThomWall.com.

Nick Disanto and his “Disantomaphone” will be strolling around as a one man band at the 2021 DuBois Community Days. Learn more at www.NickDisanto.com.


Listen to this interview with Jonathan Burns, a flexible comedian who were be performing comedy routines with some dangerous and entertaining stunts at the 2021 DuBois Community Days. Learn more at www.FlexibleComedy.com.

Listen to this interview with Sy Seyler, founding member of The Reagan Years, an 80s tribute band that will be playing at the 2021 DuBois Community Days. Learn more at www.thereaganyears.com.

Nadja Palenzuela from Marvelous Mutts is excited to be part of the 2021 Dubois Community Days celebrations! Learn more at www.themarvelousmutts.com.

Listen to the full Contact Show program, featuring interviews with DuBois Community Days organizers Jeff Baronick and Bob Wachob.



DuBois Community Days provides for and organizes a multi-day community celebration for the residents of the City of DuBois and all surrounding areas with attractions and entertainment at no to little cost. This celebration can be used as a fund raiser for other non-profit organizations within the City of DuBois and surrounding areas but is not the primary fund raiser for DuBois Community Days, Inc. The celebrations purpose it to promote the community and what it offers to area residents and to attract people from outside the area for tourism. Funds raised by the corporation will be expended to support this community activity.

The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be:
· to provide free entertainment for all attendees, entertainment not available in other forums or not available to lower income residents.
· to provide free or very low cost attractions for all child attendees, attractions not available in other forums or not available to lower income residents.
· to provide opportunities for participants to engage in free or low cost recreational and competitive events.
· to provide a forum for area non-profit organizations to participate in the event and to use the event for fund raising activities through food booths or activity booths.
· to present a community firemen’s parade for the City of DuBois Fire Department and other regional fire departments for the free entertainment of all area residents.
· to provide a forum, after providing an advertising fee, for local business to promote their business, services or products to the public.
· to provide a forum for community members to come together and reinforce and create community ties for the betterment of the entire regional area.
· to raise funds through various activities and advertising opportunities throughout the year to provide the community events at no or little cost to attendees. DuBois Community Days, Inc. exists for the purpose of funding the event, not exclusively using the event to fund the organization.