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DuBois City Police: suspicious man in car, many alcohol-fueled disturbances


DuBois, PA – DuBois City Police had some relatively minor incidents recently, including several cases of domestic incidents that appeared to be fueled by alcohol.

Also earlier this week, a woman reported a suspicious person in DuBois. The woman said every morning between 4:50 and 4:55 a.m., a man would pull his vehicle directly beside hers on Locust Street and just stare at her. Officers spoke with the man and found he had a legitimate reason to be there at the same time as the woman, but he agreed that he would stop.


Read the DuBois City Police reports from Oct. 14:

Police were dispatched to Robinson St., for a report of a known male being drunk and causing a disturbance. Upon arrival, police made contact with a female who reported a known male was drunk and beating on the door. She related, he broke a light bulb earlier in the night, police observed pieces of said bulb laying in the driveway. He left as soon as he knew she was calling the police. She has had multiple issues since the male has been back. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the male.


Read the DuBois City Police reports from Oct. 10:

At 12:02 am, the DuBois City Police were dispatched to the 500 block of Locust St. for the report of a suspicious person. The reporting party advised police that every morning between 4:50 am and 4:55 am, a male pulls up beside her vehicle and just sits there and stares at her. The reporting party was able to provide police with a registration for the vehicle and police were able to identify the male. After further investigation police found that the male had a legitimate reason to be in the area. Police advised the male that he was not to harass or pull up beside people and stare at them. The male stated that he would stop.

At 12:15 pm, the DuBois City Police were dispatched to a business on the 100 block of N. Brady St. for a panic alarm going off. Upon the arrival of Officers, they made contact with the employees and were advised that it was set off by accident. After making sure everything was okay, police cleared from the scene.

At 6:05 pm, the DuBois City Police were dispatched to a residence on the 200 block of Hubert St. for the report of a disturbance. The reporting party advised county control that a male and female were yelling at each other. Upon the arrival of police, they were able to make contact with the parties involved. The male and female were breaking off their relationship and they engaged in a verbal argument. The male was intoxicated and he had a friend come and pick him up. After the parties were separated, police cleared from incident.