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DuBois City Police, State Police investigate local phone and internet scams


DUBOIS — If you get a phone call from someone who tells you that you owe fines for missing a court date, it is most likely a scam.

The City of DuBois Police Department is warning area residents that scammers have been placing a lot of calls lately where they pose as representatives for local agencies such as sheriff’s departments, magistrates, or police departments.

DuBois Police say the scam caller will tell you that you need to fix the situation by sending a cashier’s check to a certain address.

If you question whether a call you receive is legitimate, police say to check with the local department or agency the caller claims to represent.

Meanwhile, State Police are investigating the case of a scam which cost a Clearfield County man more than $2,000.

The 32-year-old Penfield man reportedly made several transactions through an online cash app which was later discovered to be fraudulent.

The victim lost a total of $2,441. The investigation is ongoing.