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DuBois City Police: man locks self in bathroom, racial slur, shoplifting, street signs thrown away


DuBois, PA – DuBois City Police were kept busy over the past several days with a variety of incidents.

This includes a man who locked himself in a bathroom at a COVID-19 testing facility, another person who called a man a racial slur while the man was serving him legal documents, shoplifters fleeing from police after taking items from the Family Dollar store, and street signs that were found thrown away in a dumpster.


Read the full DuBois City Police reports for Oct. 23, 24, and 25:


Friday, October 23

Police were called to an East Long Ave apartment to check the welfare of a male that had ingested heroin. Officers arrived and learned the male denied recent drug use and refused any medical treatment. The female caller had two active arrest warrants and was taken in to custody.

A woman called and reported her ex-boyfriend stole her property. It was determined any crime that may have taken place would have been in Big Run. The caller was referred to Punxsutawney State Police.

Police were called to a Penn Highlands off site Covid-19 testing facility for a report of a male that had locked himself in the bathroom and was not answering staff. Officers arrived and gained entry to the bathroom. The male claimed he had ear buds in and denied any wrong doing. The male was cleared and permitted to stay on site.

Police were called to Sheetz at 124 N. Brady St for a report of a group of juveniles sitting at outside table and their bikes blocking the door. Officers arrived and asked the juveniles to abide by the store’s prohibition on using the table and remove their bike. The juveniles complied.

Police were called to E Second Ave for a report of a barking dog. An officer checked the area and observed the dog for over 10 minutes and did not hear the dog bark once.

Penn Highlands requested officers locate a female that walked out of the ER that was being treated for an involuntary mental health commitment. The female was quickly located and returned to hospital staff.

A male reported being called a racial slur by another known male while serving legal papers. The reporting party wanted the incident documented due to the same incidents in the past. He was accompanied by a female witness. Shortly after leaving the station, the male called in a harassment complaint on the female witness.

Police were called to check the welfare of woman that may have taken a large amount of pills. The caller stated his former girlfriend was upset over the break up and may have harmed herself. Officers checked several possible locations but was unable to locate her.

Officers served an emergency PFA on the male from the earlier harassment report. Another female had petitioned the court for the emergency protection from abuse order and it was awarded. The emergency PFA will be in effect until Monday at 1600hrs.

Police were called to the East Park Ave area for a report of a stray dog. The dog was not located.

The DuBois City Police responded to or received a total of 24 calls of service.


Saturday, October 24

Emergency personnel were called to a East Scribner Ave address for a report of a structure fire. The active fire was quickly extinguished. Upon inspection of the inside of the residence, conditions were found to warrant a criminal investigation unrelated to the fire.

Police received a report of two females smoking marijuana in a bathroom at the city park. The females were gone prior to officers arriving.

Police were called to Family Dollar on N. Main St for a report of a male and female shoplifting. The two fled prior to Officers arriving. They were located in the area shortly later. Charges will be filed on the two.

Police were called to YBC on Parkway drive for an activated burglar alarm. Officers arrived and learned it was an employee.

Police were called in reference to several street signs in a dumpster. Officers learned the signs were not local and were destroyed.

Police were called Sheetz 124 N Brady Street for a report of an intoxicated female. The female was arrested earlier by a neighboring jurisdiction and released to a sober adult. The female exited the vehicle and was refusing to get back in. Officers arrived and convinced the female to return to the vehicle in lieu of incarceration.


Sunday, October 25

Police were called about a suspicious male hanging around a business complex. The owner of the building reported damage that may have been recent. Officers were unable to locate the male.

Police were called by a father requesting police be present during a custody exchange. His request was denied and he was directed to his attorney.

Police received a report of a go cart operating on the roadway. The male was located and directed not to be on the roadway.

Police were called to a possible domestic disturbance on West Long Ave. It was reported a male and female were arguing on the sidewalk for over 15 minutes. Officers arrived and learned there was no physical assault. The male and female were asked to separate for some time.

While on patrol an officer witnessed a male acting strange and stopped to check his welfare. After an investigation it was learned the male was under the influence of methamphetamine and was in possession of drug paraphrenia. He was arrested and taken to Clearfield County Jail.

A woman reported possible criminal mischief to her vehicle. She reported to police she believed someone may have put sugar in her gas tank. There were no suspects at this time and the vehicle was operating normally.