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DuBois City Police: burglary false alarm, car wrap scam


DuBois, PA – DuBois City Police got a call about a possible burglary, but it appears that there was no one trying to break in.

Officers were called to the 800 block of DuBois Street by a resident who thought someone was trying to get in through his side window.

When police arrived, however, he said that he didn’t actually see anyone, just shadows, which he had also observed in the stock yard of Kohlepps. The man had already called 911 several times earlier that night to report suspicious activity. Police searched the area and found no one around his home.

DuBois City Police also helped a woman who was scammed by someone claiming they would give her money to wrap her car in an advertisement for Dr. Pepper. She was convinced to deposit a fake check and send the scam artist money in gift cards.

Although cashiers were able to cancel $500 worth of gift cards, $1,500 that had been put onto gift cards and sent to the scammer had already been spent and was unable to be recovered.


Read the full police reports from DuBois City Police:

Aug. 3, 2020

Officers were dispatched to the 800 block of DuBois Street for a possible burglary in progress. The male advised Clearfield County Control that someone was trying to gain access into his side window. Upon arrival, the male stated the person was possibly on his awning. He never witnessed anyone just shadows. The male also observed shadows in the stock yard of Kohlepps. Officers found no evidence of anyone being on the awning and found no persons in the immediate area. The male had already called 911 several times earlier in the night to report suspicious activity. The male called again stating there were people outside his residence. Police responded and found no one around his place. Neighbors confirmed that there hasn’t been anyone around.

Officers were dispatched to CVS Pharmacy for a report of a 911 hangup. Upon arrival, the store was found not to be open. Officers spoke with an employee who was just coming to work and she called inside. They advised they had been cleaning the phones and must have accidentally called. No further action taken.

Officers were dispatched to the intersection of Liberty Boulevard and Hoover Avenue for a two vehicle accident with no injuries. Upon arrival, officers noted both vehicles were drivable and blocking two lanes of traffic. Officers requested that they move the vehicles to the DuBois Middle School parking lot to open the traffic lanes and have a safer area to complete the investigation. The first female was operating her Chrysler, traveling north on Liberty Boulevard when she looked at her phone. She did not see the traffic light change to red and continued into the intersection with Hoover Avenue. The other driver was operating her Nissan, traveling west on Hoover Avenue. She received a green signal and began driving into the intersection when she observed the Chrysler run the light. She braked quickly but the vehicle collided causing moderate damage to both. Both driver’s advised that they were not injured and refused medical attention. Officers provided both driver’s with accident information exchange sheets and cleared without further incident.

Officers were dispatched to make contact with a female regarding a scam. She reported, she received a text from Dr. Pepper inquiring if she would put a Dr. Pepper wrap on her vehicle and the company would pay her $800 a month. She agreed to this and was sent a check for $2000. She was to cash the check and send it to the installer that was going to put the wrap on her vehicle. The installer was to be in California. The female cashed the check and touched base with who she thought was Dr. Pepper. They advised her, to send Walmart gift cards instead, making it easier to instead of using banks. She did so and sent the cards. The next day, the bank contacted her and advised it was a fraudulent check. She contacted Walmart and had tried to cancel the cards. They were able to cancel $500 but the other $1500 was already used.

Aug. 2, 2020

At 2:02 AM Police were dispatched to the intersection of DuBois Street and Parkway Drive, for a report of a motor vehicle accident. Police arrived on scene and located 3 vehicles parked in the south bound lane of DuBois Street. Police made contact with a male who was operating a 2006 Chrysler Sedan who was involved in the accident. While Police were talking to the male they detected a odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his person. The male then refused to perform any field sobriety tests. The male, a 39 year old DuBois male was taken into custody for suspicion of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. The male refused to have blood drawn and was then released to a sober individual. His vehicle was towed from the scene. Charges will be filed on the male.

At 2:41 PM Police were dispatched to the first block of South Jared Street for a report of a male refusing to leave the property. Police arrived on scene and the male left without incident.