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DuBois City Council congratulates Clearfield County Commissioner Dave Glass


DuBois, PA – For the first time in 40 years, the DuBois City Council has sent a congratulatory letter to a Clearfield County Commissioner… and they say its for good reason.

Dave Glass, the newly elected Clearfield County Commissioner, used to live in Clearfield but now lives and works in DuBois.

Council members say that they’re glad one of the county commissioners is from “this side of the mountain”.

Listen to council member Diane Bernardo read the letter they sent.

Read the congratulatory letter from the DuBois City Council.

Dear Commissioner Glass,

Congratulations and an extra hurrah on your election to the Clearfield County Commission. There is no doubt you earned this position. We admire you for running a race with great skill and integrity.

You are already making history, Dave, as it has been forty years since our former Mayor and Businessman Mark Vrahas was elected Clearfield County Commissioner. At a time when the City of DuBois and Sandy Township are working hard to cement relationships, share services, and unite on many levels, your election shows us that we truly have a Commissioner on “this side of the mountain” who has a personal vested interest in and a better understanding of the City of DuBois and area growth. As a former Clearfield resident, now relocated to DuBois, you bring a unique prerspective that will be good for us all.

We look forward to working with you. Again, congratulations and good luck with your new job.


Mayor Randy E. Schmidt

Councilman James Aughenbaugh

Councilwoman Diane Bernardo

Councilman Shane Dietz

Councilman Edward Walsh