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DuBois and Sandy hold first joint consolidation meeting, appoint committees


DuBois, PA – At the first joint consolidation meeting between the Sandy Township Supervisors and the DuBois City Council, the two municipalities took the first steps to appoint a committee to ease the transition.

The members appointed were Edward Walsh, Kevin Salandra, Chris Nasuti, Kris Kruzelak, Herm Suplizio, Shawn Arbaugh, Joe Mitchel, Daniel Kohlepp, and Richard Whitaker.

Eddie Walsh and Kevin Salandra will serve as the co-chairs of that committee.

They also appointed Cafardi Ferguson Wyrick Weis and Gabriel as a solicitor for that committee and Eckert Seamans / Pennsylvania Economy League as the for the strategic management planning program.

Eddie Walsh and Kevin Salandra, co-chairs of the new joint committee for the transition and consolidation of DuBois and Sandy Township, talk about plans for the future and the path forward for a consolidated city after their first joint meeting together.