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DuBois and Brockway schools warn of potential online predator


DuBois, PA – A potential online predator has reached out to students in both the DuBois Area School District and Brockway Area School District, and now school administrators are encouraging parents to talk to their kids about online and social media safety.

Both DuBois and Brockway schools sent out an email and letter to parents, alerting them that a Snapchat user with the name “Chrisrunstheroc” was claiming to be an incoming student who was moving here from Florida.

The person would reach out to students under the guise of making new friends before he arrived, but the conversation would quickly turn aggressively sexual. The Snapchat account reportedly only contacted female students. There could also be an Instagram account.

If your student received a message like this, please contact your local police and let them know the details.

Parents and guardians should have a frank discussion with students about making wise choices online. Do not friend anyone who you don’t know personally. Never share personal information or intimate photos. If someone sends you messages that make you uncomfortable, block them and tell a trusted adult.

Email sent by DuBois Area School District:

Dear parents/guardians and students:

Our school district was notified of a potential online predator that has made recent contact with students. Not only have our students been contacted, but students from other local schools have as well. We are aware that Snapchat and Instagram have been the social media preferences utilized at this time. A known Snapchat screen name recently used was “Chrisrunstheorc”, but this could be changed from event to event.

Some reports involve this individual posing as an incoming male student, saying that he is transferring from Florida and will be enrolling as a new student promptly. Shortly after the friend request is accepted, the actor becomes aggressive in his messages and seeks inappropriate information, sexual in nature.

We highly encourage parents/guardians to talk with their students about internet safety and making wise choices with communicating and befriending nknown sources on social media.

If you are aware of a similar incident and have further information, please contact your local police agency.