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DAHS Drama Club radio play this Saturday: Ray Bradbury’s Zero Hour


DuBois, PA – Because they couldn’t have a live audience this year, the drama students at DuBois Area High School had to get really creative this year in a way that frankly as radio people, we love! They’ve have recorded three old-time radio shows.

Listen to our DuBois Area High School Drama Club perform a radio broadcast play of Zero Hour, a suspenseful story by sci-fi author Ray Bradbury about aliens invading earth. When young kids start playing a game called Invasion, is it real or fantasy? And can adults ever learn to recreate the childhood magic of a little imagination?

Listen on 96.7 and 99.7 Connect FM or at connectradio.fm from 10 until 11 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 19.

Brought to us by the DuBois HS Drama Club and Biggie’s Quality Meats.

Zero Hour, a radio play written by Ray Bradbury, as performed by the DuBois Area High School 2020 Drama Club. Before and after the performance, there are interviews with some of the students and drama club director, Dorothea Hackett.

Last week’s performance, a rom-com called Two and One is an Awful Date… The story of a love triangle at a workplace. There are interviews with students before and after the performance.

The shows are:

  • Our Miss Brooks (a story about puppy love)
  • Three and One is an Awful Date (which is a romance)
  • Ray Bradbury’s Zero Hour (a story of suspense)

The shows include foley (sound effects) and radio ads in the old-school style.

These plays will be posted on the DAHS drama website and Instagram pages on Dec. 4.

CLICK HERE to see the website where the audio for the plays will be available.

Our Connect FM radio station will air each play separately on, one of Dec. 12, another on the 19th, and finally on Dec. 26, all of which are Saturdays.

Since the admission to the DAHS one-act plays would usually be a canned good for the local food pantry, it’s been a challenge to collect as many donations this year. Please show our DuBois drama club students your support by listening to these radio plays and giving generously by dropping off as many non-perishable food items to the DuBois Area High School as you can.


The Zoom call interview between interviewer Brittany Madera and the 2020 DuBois Area School District Drama Club. The students are working on three radio-style plays this year.


Listen to some of the samples from the 2020 radio-style performances.


A sample of the DuBois Area High School 2020 drama club performing a radio-style Our Miss Brooks.


A sample of the DuBois Area High School 2020 drama club performing a radio-style Three and One is an Awful Date.


A sample of the DuBois Area High School 2020 drama club performing a radio-style Zero Hour.


Our Foley artists: Molly Hamilton, Lydia Dixon, Maddie Sensor (seated)


Zero Hour cast Alicia Bryan, Charlie Nixon, Maddy Olewnick, Kaylee McCracken Seated: Lydia Dixon, Molly Hamilton our Foley artists


Our Miss Brooks cast and Foley: Gage Pardee, Anna Wingard, Emily Richards, Andrew Hewitt seated: London Watt, Maddie Sensor, Molly Hamilton our Foley artists


Kaylee McCracken, Alicia Bryan, Maddie Olewnick in a Zoom call with Marissa Rigatti.