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Cook Forest Conservancy makes efforts to stop invasive plant in Clarion River

Cooksburg –

The Cook Forest Conservancy is coordinating efforts to keep the banks of the Clarion River clear of Japanese Knotweed, an invasive nonnative plant.

Japanese Knotweed spreads aggressively and degrades water quality while it out-competes native plants that would filter water, limit erosion, and provide valuable habitat.

It is, however, controllable, if efforts are made before it expands.

A free informational session for area landowners on controlling Japanese Knotweed will be held MacBeth’s Cabins & Country Store in Cook Forest State Park on May 15th.

It is the first of three planned sessions addressing the topic.

Current partner organizations for the Clarion River Japanese Knotweed Project include Penn State Extension, Clarion County Conservation District, the DCNR and Cook Forest State Park, and the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry.