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Consultants talk about how DuBois, Sandy Township consolidation could work


DuBois, PA – Consultants went over the results of an in-depth study on how a possible merger of the City of DuBois and Sandy Township would work. It’s the first step in what could be a potential consolidation, something which both the city and township have considered numerous times in the past.

Click here to view the full Consolidation Study Report

One of the main concerns from residents is that some of the fire stations could go by the wayside if a merger happened, which is something that the consultants didn’t shy away from talking about.

The study did find that a consolidation into one bigger city could potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars, would reduce property taxes for the majority of people and would lower utility costs, but it would be saving that money by eliminating duplicates, including cutting some jobs and departments.

Again, this is just a study of how a consolidation could work out, and this does not mean that either the city or township is ready to move forward with the plan yet. In fact, according to the consultants, even with a very aggressive timeline, the process wouldn’t even start until at the earliest summer of 2022.

We have a link on our website and Facebook page to the video of the meeting and the full consolidation study, which is 216 pages long.

Click here to view the full Consolidation Study Report

To watch the video, use the following link:  https://vcloud.blueframetech.com/broadcast/embed/235872?autoplay=1