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Community members oppose tolls on bridges

Clarion –

Many politicians, business leaders, and industry people gathered at the Clarion County Administration Building Thursday afternoon to speak out in opposition to the tolling of bridges on Interstate 80, including a bridge in Jefferson County.

The tolling is part of the Major Bridge Initiative, which was approved in 2020 by the Pennsylvania Public Private Partnership Board, to use the P3 delivery method for bridges in need of rehabilitation or replacement.

Congressman Glenn Thompson accused PennDOT of blackmailing the state through this initiative.

The “No P3 Bridge Tolls Coalition” organized Thursday’s conference.

The Coalition opposes the tolling of bridges because of the effect it will have on the local and statewide economy.

Nine bridges in total on Interstate 80 are to be tolled through the initiative, including the North Fork Bridge in Jefferson County.

Leaders expressed concern for a number of reasons from traffic congestion and public safety, to increased costs to citizens and businesses, and the danger of tolling becoming universal on the interstates.