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Coaster at Conneaut Lake catches fire while being demolished


Conneaut Lake, PA – A historic roller coaster in northwest PA was in the process of being demolished when a fire damaged it even further.

The Blue Streak at Conneaut Lake Park in Crawford County was built in 1937 and was the 17th oldest wooden roller coaster in the United States.

However, officials at Conneaut Lake Park clarify that the coaster was already scheduled to be demolished whenever the fire struck.

Crews were conducting a controlled burn on some of the scrap wood from the coaster when the flames spread due to wind.

No one was injured, and the demolition will continue.


The New Conneaut Lake Park Facebook page had a post about the coaster fire:

As the GM I would like to make a statement explaining what happened today.
Damage to the Blue Streak was NOT caused by the fire. It was from the heavy equipment demolishing it as per permit this morning.
A burn permit was also issued to have small controlled fires to burn the wood as demolition continued. A mechanical issue occurred to the heavy equipment used to assist in the control, causing the fire to spread to the front part of the loading dock.
To ensure safety the Fire Department was called to assist. Thankfully no one was hurt.
The rest of the Blue Streak will come down in the next few days per permit.

The Facebook post says it is from the general manager, Jaclyn McCoy.

Photos are courtesy of the New Conneaut Lake Park Facebook page.