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Clearfield Police: vehicles not stopping for bus, attempted theft from skills machine


Clearfield, PA – Police in Clearfield got several complaints recently about vehicles that weren’t stopping for school buses.

Remember, if a school bus has its lights flashing and the stop sign out, you must stop in either direction.

Most people know that you must stop and not pass if you are driving behind a bus, but you also need to stop even if you are travelling in the opposite direction on the other side of the road. The only exception to this is in the rare occasion that a bus would stop on a divided highway, then the opposing traffic on the other side of the median would not need to stop.

Clearfield Borough Police also say they’re investigating a case in which a man and woman were seen attempting to remove money from a skills machine.

Police in Clearfield also got reports about juveniles damaging signs at the River Walk. Police arrived and did not locate any damage nor the juveniles.


Read the police reports from the Clearfield Borough Police, released Oct. 11, 2021:

1. Police responded to Leavy Ave for a report of loud music being played. Police were unable to locate any unreasonable noise.
2. Police assisted a motorist along Turnpike Ave after they had locked their keys inside their vehicle.
3. Police are investigating several complaints of vehicles failing to stop for buses that have the “STOP” sign activated throughout the Borough.
4. Police are investigating an attempted theft that occurred. Police report that a male and female were observed attempting to remove money from a skills machine. The male and female were identified by police.
5. Police responded to E. 14th St for a vehicle that had struck a parked vehicle. Police found minor damage to both vehicles and no injuries were reported.
6. Police responded to S. Front St for a reported trespassing incident. Police report that the homeowner arrived home and found that someone had been inside the apartment moving items around.
7. Police responded to E. Cherry St to check the welfare of a male who had had left the residence after an argument. Police located and spoke to the male and did not find him to be in any danger.
8. Police were called to the River Walk for a report of juveniles damaging signs. Police arrived and did not locate any damage or the juveniles.
9. Police assisted PSP with serving a mental health warrant on a female along Nichols St. The female was transported to the hospital for an evaluation.