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Clearfield Police: help with Crisis Hotline, reported scam, missing package


Clearfield, PA – Here’s more proof that police do more than just respond to crimes and make arrests… Police in Clearfield were able to help someone who was trying to call the Crisis Hotline but couldn’t because of phone issues.

Clearfield Borough Police officers were recently notified of someone who was requesting to speak with the Crisis Hotline but wasn’t able to because they were having cell phone problems. Officers were able to assist that person with getting the help and support they needed.


Read other police reports from Clearfield Borough Police, released on  Jan. 29:

Police received a report of a phone scam that contained inappropriate language.

Officers received a report of 2 individuals loitering around a church.

Police were requested to conduct a welfare check for an individual that the caller was concerned for. Police did make contact with the individual and found the person to be okay and safe. While police were conducting the welfare check, they came into contact with a female containing warrants. The female was arrested and housed on the warrant.

Police received a report of a missing package from her porch that is believed to be stolen. The investigation is on-going.

Lawrence Township police came in contact with a male containing warrants through this department. Officers arrived and the male was able to satisfy the warrants.

Police were notified of an individual who requested to speak the Crisis Hotline but unable to do so due to cell phone problems. Police assisted the individual with obtaining help.