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Clearfield Police: domestic fight, property dispute, family altercations


Clearfield, PA – The majority of the police reports coming from the Clearfield Borough Police Department recently were domestic disputes and family-related incidents.

For example, there was a report of a juvenile who had failed to come home but had returned a short time later. Clearfield Police also say there was an altercation between neighbors over property. And Clearfield Borough Police received reports of a woman who was forced into a vehicle on Turnpike Avenue, but they found the people involved and discovered it was an altercation between family members.


Read the police reports, released by the Clearfield Borough Police Department on May 9, 2021:

1. Police responded to W. Pine St for a report of an altercation over property. Officers arrived and were able to defuse the situation.

2. Clearfield Borough Police located an open door a local business during the overnight hours. Police were able to properly secure the door.

3. Officers checked the area of Elm Ave after a caller called to report that someone was walking around the residence. Police were unable to locate anyone.

4. Police received a report of a juvenile that had failed to return home. They were notified a short time later that the juvenile had returned.

5. Clearfield Borough Police responded to S. 3rd St for a female that was struck in the face by another female. Police are attempting to identify the actor.

6. Police were called to Witmer St for an elderly female that had fallen, and nobody was able to get inside the residence. Police were able to enter the residence and EMS transported the female to the ER.

7. Officers responded to a two-vehicle crash along Bigler Ave at the intersection of E. 8th St. Police report that a passenger car had pulled out into the path of a van causing the collision. No injuries were reported, but both vehicles had to be towed from the scene.

8. Clearfield Borough Police responded to Spruce St for a disturbance between a husband and wife. Police were able to handle the situation on scene.

9. Police arrested a male for DUI and drug related charges after he was stopped after committing several traffic violations and found to be under the influence of alcohol and controlled substances.

10. Officers were called to Turnpike Ave for a domestic between a male and female. Police found that the male was struck with a can of red bull and then the female was struck with a remote.

11. Police were called to S. 2nd St after a pedestrian located a used syringe along the sidewalk. Police collected the syringe.

12. Officers were called to Turnpike Ave for a report of a female that was forced into a vehicle and the vehicle left. Police located the vehicle and occupants and found that the issue was a family altercation.