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Clearfield Police: cars stuck because of snow, arguments, impaired people


Clearfield, PA – Clearfield Borough had quite a few incidents police officers responded to recently, many of which were about the storm earlier this week.

1. Police assisted several motorists who had become stuck on the railroad tracks along Williams St during the inclement weather.
2. Police responded to Holmes Ave for a male that was out of control and causing a disturbance. Police were able to handle the situation on scene.
3. Police responded to N. Front St for a report of a pedestrian that was to be jumping in front of cars yelling. Police were unable to locate anyone.
4. Police responded to NW 3rd Ave for a male that was to be intoxicated and causing problems. Police advised that charges are pending.
5. Police were notified of a lost dog around Nichols St. Police were able to contact the owner who responded and took custody of the dog.
6. Police responded to Park St for a male and female engaged in a verbal argument. Police advised them of the complaint. Police were then called back a few hours later and found the male to be disorderly. Charges are pending on the male.
7. Police responded to a minor vehicle accident along S. 2nd St. Police report that one vehicle had backed into another causing minor damage. No injuries were reported and both vehicles were able to be driven from the scene.
8. Police were called to Williams St for a female that was under the influence. While responding, police were advised the female had fled. Police did locate the female and found her to be under the influence of controlled substances. Charges are pending.


Also from State Police, we’re getting many reports from that drivers got into crashes after driving too fast for the snowy roadways during this week’s snowstorm.

Remember, the speed limit is the fastest you should be driving under optimal circumstances.

When the roadways are slushy or icy like they had been earlier this week, if you’re going to be traveling at all in those conditions you need to take it much more slowly than how you’d usually drive.