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Clearfield Police: bank scam, impaired woman knocking on doors, intoxicated man passed out in vehicle


Clearfield, PA – Clearfield Borough Police investigated a phone scam from someone claiming to be a bank employee recently. They also found an intoxicated man passed out in a vehicle with the engine running. In other cases, they handled several people in domestic disturbances. They also found a suspicious woman who had been knocking on doors on East Market Street in Clearfield and attempting to get into a vehicle. When they found her, she was intoxicated and hanging out on a fire escape at the back of a building.


Read the police reports from Clearfield Borough Police, released March 5, 2021:

Police received multiple complaints of a phone scam occurring in the area. The complaints involve a phony bank employee, claiming that the recipient’s bank account had been frozen. The scammer then attempted to gain personal information from the recipient. Residents are reminded to never give personal information over the phone to unverified sources and to use cation when receiving calls from unknown phone numbers.

Police responded to a report of an unresponsive male in a vehicle while the engine was running on S 4th St. Police located the male and safely assisted him out of the vehicle. The male was found to be intoxicated and was taken into custody.

Police responded to a disturbance at an E Cherry St residence involving two people engaged in a verbal argument. Police arrived on scene, deescalated the incidents, and separated the parties involved.

Police responded to a disturbance at an E Walnut St residence in which two persons could be heard loudly yelling. Police arrived on scene and located the parties involved. While investigating the incident, multiple pieces of drug paraphernalia were discovered.

Police responded to a minor vehicle accident on N 4th St. It was determined that a driver struck another vehicle while backing into a parking spot.

Police responded to a Clearfield St address to assist EMS with gaining entry to a residence. Police arrived and successfully gained entry to the residence.

Police responded to a suspicious female, in the area of E Market St, that was reported to be knocking on doors and attempting to gain entry to a vehicle. Police arrived and located the female on a fire escape on the rear of a building. The female was found to be heavily intoxicated and transported to the hospital.