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Clearfield Police: alarms, stolen TV, help change tire


Clearfield, PA – Police in Clearfield Borough helped recently with several incidents that weren’t necessarily crimes.

They were on scene recently for an activated alarm at the Shaw Public Library, which turned out to be a false alarm.

They were also some of the first people on scene for a possible structure fire on South 2nd Street in Clearfield, caused by a sparking baseboard heater, which was then handled by the fire department.

Clearfield Borough Police assisted a woman in changing her tire and putting on a spare in the CVS parking lot.

Police officers in Clearfield were asked by another woman if they could knock on doors, find out if a certain man was living within the town, and report back to her. They informed the woman that they would not be doing so, as it wasn’t a crime and there was no purpose in doing so.


Clearfield Borough Police reports, released May 31, 2021:

1. Police were dispatched to the Shaw Public Library for an activated alarm. Police determined that it was a false alarm.
2. Police responded to a residence on East 10th Street for a bat flying around inside of the home. Police were able to remove the bat and let it free outside.
3. Police receive a phone call from a female asking police to go and knock on doors to see if a male is living within the borough. Once done knocking on doors, the female then requested police to call her back and let her know of their findings. Police informed the female that they will not be knocking on doors looking for the male as there is no purpose in doing so.
4. Police conducted a traffic stop in the area of South 3rd Street and Temple Avenue. The driver was in possession of drug paraphernalia and his driver’s license was DUI suspended. Charges to be filed.
5. Police were dispatched to a residence on West Pine Street for a theft. Upon arrival, it was found that an individual(s) entered an apartment and stole a 50 inch TV. The incident is under further investigation.
6. While on patrol, police observed a disabled vehicle in the parking lot of CVS. Officers assisted a female with removing a tire and placing a spare on.
7. Police were dispatched to a possible structure fire at a residence on South 2nd Street. Upon arrival, it was found that an electric baseboard heater was sparking and smoking. The Clearfield Fire Department arrived on scene and handled the incident.