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Clearfield County Traffic Safety Geotrail to be unveiled Friday


Clearfield, PA – On Friday, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), the Highway Safety Network and Visit Clearfield County will host a media event to commemorate the grand opening of their Clearfield County Traffic Safety Geotrail.

It’s a geocache trail along the Riverwalk area in Clearfield, with hidden treasures meant to be found with GPS, as a lighthearted way of reminding people that it’s up to us while we’re driving to follow traffic laws, drive safely, and save lives.

Erik Brown, District Traffic Engineer for PennDOT, will discuss the “Towards Zero Death” movement and how the geotrail program aides in reducing suspected serious injury and fatal crashes in Clearfield County.

Josh Woods, Community Traffic Safety Project Coordinator with the Highway Safety Network, will offer remarks on the process behind creating the geotrail.

Josiah Jones, Executive Director for Visit Clearfield County, will discus the network of geotrails in the county and the Traffic Safety Geotrail’s role in that network.

State Farm Insurance will also offer remarks on the Good Neighbor Citizenship Company Grants that funded the purchase of the geotrail passport booklets, reward coins and cache boxes.