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Clearfield County President Judge expressed frustration with plea agreements during sentencing court

Clearfield – Clearfield County President Judge Frederic Ammerman expressed some frustration with several plea agreements offered by the district attorney’s office during sentencing court on Monday.

Two of the cases involved defendants from Falls Creek and DuBois who allegedly threatened others with a gun, and the third case was a hit-and-run accident involving a car and bicyclist in Clearfield which resulted in a broken leg for the cyclist.

During his questioning of the attorneys in the two cases involving guns Ammerman asked, “Now people point a gun at someone and only get charged with disorderly conduct and get only probation?”

Then in response to the plea in the hit- and-run case, Ammerman commented, “I am just going to start rejecting these.”

Ammerman rejected the pleas in two of the cases.

He handed down a sentence in the other case.