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Clearfield County man faces charges after breaking into home and attempting to choke a man

CLEARFIELD – A 25-year-old Clearfield County man is jailed on assault, strangulation, and burglary charges after a violent New Year’s Eve outburst.

Clearfield Police say Dustin Clark of West Decatur is accused of assaulting his mother in her car, and then attacking another man in a Clearfield home.

After jumping out of his mother’s vehicle, Clark reportedly broke into a South Second Street residence where he repeatedly punched and attempted to choke a man.

The victim suffered multiple broken ribs and was treated overnight at Penn Highlands Clearfield Hospital.

When Clark was interviewed by police the next day, he said he could not remember what happened.

Clark is being held in the Clearfield County Jail with bail set at $100,000 as he awaits a preliminary hearing next week.