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Clearfield County Commissioners pass resolution to increase elected officials’ salaries

CLEARFIELD – The salaries for Clearfield County elected officials who will take office more than a year from now have been set.

A resolution was passed by the Clearfield County Commissioners Tuesday which will effectively end a 14-year salary freeze for nine elected officials in the county. It will go into effect in January 2024.

The commissioners approved a 7.5 percent salary increase for the sheriff, treasurer, coroner, and controller in year one of the pay plan, and a 6 percent increase for the commissioners, prothonotary, and register and recorder.

The second year of the plan provides a 4 percent increase, and then 2 percent in the third and fourth years for all row office holders.

The salary increases were formulated to closely reflect those reached with the county’s non-union salaried workers, as well as three county unions.