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Clearfield Borough Police: Suspicious flickering light was someone programming wi-fi bulb


Clearfield, PA – Clearfield Borough Police responded to a few incidents recently, including a report for suspicious activity after a light bulb on a front porch kept blinking off and on as if a resident was in distress on East 11th Street. Police went to the home and found that the resident was thankfully just programming an electronic wi-fi light bulb.

Thanks to the resident who reported what they thought was a neighbor in need, and thankfully it wasn’t anything serious.


Read the full police reports from Clearfield Borough Police, released Jan. 22:

  • Police responded to an incident involving harassment on Reed St. The caller reported that an individual was knocking on her door and attempting to make contact with her. Police arrived and met with the female. Police later made contact with the other individual who agreed to stay away.
  • Police responded to an E 11th St address for suspicious activity. It was reported that a light bulb on a front porch was rapidly turning on and off as if a resident was in distress. Police arrived and found the resident to be programming an electronic Wi-Fi light bulb.