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Clearfield Borough Police: fraudulent checks for $30,000, burnt pizza, parking space fight


Clearfield, PA – Clearfield Borough Police say a man tried to pass two fraudulent checks for $30,000 recently at a local bank. Also from Clearfield Borough Police, a woman complained about an employee at a pizza shop burning her pizza on purpose. Police officers told her that there are several other pizza shops in town to go to.

The full Clearfield Borough Police Department reports, released Oct. 23, 2020:

1. Police are investigating an incident that occurred at a local bank. Information was received that a male passed two fraudulent checks in the amount of $30,000. The incident is under further investigation.
2. Police responded to an apartment complex on the 200 block of East Cherry Street for a noise complaint. The actors were warned for their actions.
3. Police responded to a parking complaint in the area of North 5th Street. It was found that two individuals were arguing over a public parking place. They were both informed that due to it being public parking, the spot is not reserved to anyone.
4. Police responded to a report of terroristic threats at a residence on Dorey Street. It was found that a male threatened to kill two individuals. The male was charged with terroristic threats and later located by police. He was transported to CCJ on the charges.
5. Dubois City Police made contact with a female in their jurisdiction that had an active warrant for her arrest through the Clearfield Police. Clearfield Police responded and took custody of the female and transported her to CCJ.
6. Police responded to a minor vehicle accident on North 2nd Street. It was found that a male driver appeared to be under the influence. The male refused to submit to testing, so a search warrant was obtained for a blood draw. The male was later released.
7. Police received a report from an individual who informed officers that she went to a local pizza shop and received a burnt pizza. When she asked for a new pizza, an employee told her that he burnt it on purpose. Police informed the individual that there are several other pizza shops in town to go to.