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Brockway woman points loaded gun, threatens to shoot man’s tires

Brockway, PA – A Brockway woman is accused of pointing a loaded firearm at a man and threatening to shoot his tires if he didn’t stop driving up and down her road.

State Police in DuBois were called out Walburn Run Road and Palm Road in Snyder Township last Friday morning to investigate.

36-year-old Wesley Mooney from Falls Creek says that 60-year-old Mary Smith from Brockway pointed a loaded gun in his direction and threaten to shoot his tires.

When police interviewed Smith, she reportedly admitted to doing so, saying that she didn’t want the man driving his coal truck repeatedly up and down her street.

Police say Smith refused to put her hands behind her back during her arrest.

She faces charges of terroristic threats and resisting arrest.

Click Here to read the online police report. (You’ll need to scroll down to page 3 to see this specific report.)