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Brockway School District sets lunch prices, buys new smart boards


Brockway, PA – The Brockway School District has set breakfast and lunch prices for the next school year.

Brockway continued its contract with Nutrition Inc. Breakfast will cost $1 with a reduced price of 25 cents, and lunch will be $1.50 at the elementary, $2 at the high school, and 40 cents reduced.

The district is adding 55 Promethean Smart Boards for its classrooms using CARES money. They are also planning for summer programs for the elementary and high schools.

Superintendent Jeff Vizza took a moment to thank members of the community for how they helped people within the Brockway School District.

Brockway Superintendent Jeff Vizza wants to thank members of the community for how they helped families during these tough past several months, including St. Tobias Church and St. Vincent de Paul for donating food to families over Easter and to Red Cross for their blood drives.

Brockway is looking for temporary summer help. Brockway residents who are enrolled in higher education can apply to the school district to get into one of two programs. One is through PHEAA, and the other is a minimum-wage program that is not affiliated with PHEAA.

The Brockway Area School Board will meet again May 11 at 7 p.m.