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Brockway restarts Junior Firefighter Program


Brockway, PA – Brockway Volunteer Hose Company is following neighbor Horton Township in restarting the Junior Firefighter Program.

Residents in Brockway ages 16 and 17 can help out with the local fire department. They can learn the duties of a firefighter, help with cleanup, practice with firefighting tools, and gain experience working with senior firefighters. When they turn 18, they will have a head start in becoming a full firefighter.

Brockway Fire Chief Mike Hoskavich said that the benefit of this program is that it helps interested teenagers become more involved in their community. He said that the program existed for a while, but lack of interest closed it down. Recently, Horton Township had five individuals sign up, and Brockway had two approach the fire department to join.

A member of the fire police in Brockway, April London, agreed to support the effort and act as the coordinator.

Chief Hoskavich said that the first training with the junior firefighters went well, and he is excited for the future of emergency services in the Brockway Area.

Brockway Volunteer Fire Department can be reached at 268-4000 for more information. Those outside the Brockway area can contact their local fire departments to see if similar opportunities exist.

Listen to the interview with Brockway Fire Chief Mike Hoskavich.