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Brockway 4th of July events cancelled, fireworks still likely


Brockway, PA – Unfortunately, most of the events for Brockway’s Annual Old-Fashioned Fourth of July celebration have been cancelled. However, fireworks will still likely happen.

The Brockway 4th of July Committee met Sunday night to discuss the plans for the 4th of July Celebration.

First and foremost, the Committee is committed to the health and well-being of the community. After a lengthy discussion there were some committee members that were still willing to hold their events with all the required protocols and guidelines in place for social distancing.

The thought and effort that these members put into the various events to ensure the safety of the community was very impressive.

However, the biggest hurdle the Committee has in putting on the celebration this year is with the Brockway Borough Council and their Resolution prohibiting any events or activities in Taylor Memorial Park.

Jeff Gankosky reached out to council president Chris Benson to determine what their position was since our area is now in the green phase and he indicated that the council did not support holding the event at this time.

With the activities of the 4th of July Celebration centering at the Taylor Memorial Park and without the backing and support from the Borough Council, it is with heavy hearts that the 4th of July Committee has decided that the 2020 Celebration will be cancelled.

The Committee has received funding from various businesses and individuals and would like to have a firework display and is currently working on various options. Contributions that have been received are greatly appreciated and will be used towards the firework display.

Learn more at the BrockwayFourth.com website.