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Brockway church leader says services still happening, homeless shelter not affected


Brockway, PA – The founder of Just for Jesus in Brockway is speaking out about a fire that damaged the First Apostles’ Doctrine Church building on Friday.

Bishop Jack Wisor says the Just for Jesus Challenge Homeless Outreach was not affected by the fire.

An official fire report is not yet available. Sources say that no one was injured, and the building was not insured.

Church services will continue outdoors at their location in Brockport, and they will also be broadcast online every Sunday morning at 11:15 on the ministry’s Facebook page.

According to Bishop Wisor: “While the naysayers of the Just for Jesus ministry and the Enemies of the Cross incorrectly believe the church is closed, the First Apostles’ Doctrine Church will NEVER be closed as long as God gives Bishop Wisor life and breath and keeps His calling upon him. Jesus was never contained by a building, and as His messenger, never will Bishop Wisor be. The door to the church in Brockway may be closed at this moment for safety reasons. But the church – the true church- is still open 24/7 for the poor, the homeless, the hungry and all in need. Bishop Wisor is just a phone call or email away and the church and ministry phones are answered 24/7.”

Wisor says, “The church is not a building. It is the heart, mind, soul and spirit of a chosen messenger and those who recognize the apostleship of that messenger and choose to fulfill Matthew 25:31-46 as Jesus commanded.”