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Bobette Diner sells lottery ticket worth $1.4 million


DuBois, PA – The Bobette Motel and Diner sold a lucky lottery ticket worth $1.4 million!

It was the top-prize winning ticket for PA Lottery’s Fat Wallet game, sold Saturday at the restaurant on Blinker Parkway in DuBois.

Because the Bobette sold that winning ticket, the business will receive a $10,000 bonus.

Although we hear the winner has told a few of their friends about the good news, we’re not releasing the name.

Any winners of any Pennsylvania Lottery game are encouraged to immediately sign the back of the ticket and call the PA Lottery office at 1-800-692-7481.

NOTE: The people shown in this photo are employees and owner of the Bobette Motel and Diner, not the winner of the lucky lottery ticket.


Heather Fike, the Bobette Motel manager and waitress at Bobette Diner, was there whenever the diner sold a winning lottery ticket worth $1.4 million.