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Bilger’s Rocks Park vandalized and damaged


Clearfield County, PA – A beloved park and natural landmark was severely damaged recently.

According to the Bilger’s Rocks Facebook page, “Someone broke into a donation box, tried to burn a live tree, burnt a picnic table, broke the s hook on a swing set and stole signs off a lumber heritage and local union donated directional sign.”

“Volunteers work hard, and give freely of their time and money, just to have people destroy things. When the volunteers at Bilger’s Rocks give up, the community has no one to blame but themselves.”

That being said, there are still plenty of volunteers willing to help. You’re encouraged to come to Bilger’s Rocks to repair the park this Saturday, May 16 at noon. Please practice good social distancing and safety precautions, but anyone is invited to help.

You can also help by donating to their official fundraiser or t-shirt benefit.

Click Here to learn more about the clean-up project.

Click Here to see the GoFundMe page.

Click Here to learn more about ordering a t-shirt in support of Bilger’s Rocks.