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Big Run woman, Brookville man lose money in two separate Facebook scams


Jefferson County, PA – Two Jefferson County people were scammed out of their hard-earned money in two separate Facebook scams.

Late last month, a 25-year-old Big Run woman attempted to pursue a job with the World Health Organization through a Facebook advertisement. She provided the fraudulent “employer” with her banking information and ultimately had money stolen from her account, although police don’t say how much was taken.

In another case, a 56-year-old Brookville man says he lost $800 in a scam on Facebook marketplace, although police don’t give any details about what the fraudulent post said.


Be aware, scam artists will do and say almost anything to persuade you to send money or gift cards to them. They’re getting craftier all the time, and some of these scams can be very convincing, even to someone who feels like they would never fall for something like this.

If you are sending money to anyone, be sure you know who that person is or that the business is absolutely legitimate.

If you have questions or concerns about whether something might be a scam, you can always ask your local police.

Click Here to read the online police report for the Big Run case. (You’ll need to scroll down on that page to see this specific report.)

Click Here to read the online police report for the Brookville case.