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BC3 at Brockway Graduates Two Dozen Nurses


BROCKWAY – A new record has been set for the number of graduates from the registered nursing program of BC3-at-Brockway.

Earlier this month, 24 students were honored at a pinning ceremony for completing the program at the Jefferson County community college. This year’s class nearly doubled the previous record for nursing graduates from BC3-at-Brockway, which was 13 last year.

The RN course of study was added to BC3-at-Brockway’s lineup in 2018, as a response to a regional shortage in the occupation.

All 24 of this year’s graduates say they have either accepted positions, or are currently reviewing job offers.

Penn Highlands Healthcare has sponsored the tuition of a dozen BC3-at-Brockway students in exchange for their signing an employment contract to work for the regional health care provider following graduation.