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Bailey found guilty in 2017 Anderson murder


Clearfield, PA – After a weeklong trial, a jury has found a man guilty of the 2017 murder of a teenager from Curwensville.

41-year-old Denny Bailey will serve a mandatory life sentence for the murder of 19-year-old Chase Anderson in August 2017. He was found guilty of first degree murder and all other charges, plus he could face additional charges in the future.

Anderson was killed four years ago in August 2017, and his body was burned in a remote area of Clearfield County.

Bailey was on trial on charges of criminal homicide, assault, kidnapping to inflict terror, conspiracy, and other charges.

26-year-old Kenja Tew, who is also accused in the murder, will likely have his trial sometime soon now that Bailey’s trial is completed.

Denny Bailey

Denny Bailey


Kenja Tew of Clearfield and Denny Bailey of Woodland both face criminal homicide charges in the murder of Chase Anderson. Chantell Demi faces charges of criminal conspiracy.

19-year-old Chase Anderson’s body was found on Aug. 26 in the woods in Pike Township, Clearfield County.

Although police had taken suspects into custody in August 2017 as they were investigating the murder, charges weren’t actually filed until April 3, 2018

Anderson had reportedly been working for Bailey and was delivering meth and other drugs from Pittsburgh.

After multiple interviews with the suspects and witnesses, Bailey and Tew eventually took responsibility for Anderson’s murder. They allegedly stabbed him multiple times before setting fire to his body.

Joseph Ralston of Curwensville was reportedly involved in destroying evidence. Ralston and Demi were allegedly told by Bailey to set fire to a vehicle owned by Bailey’s mother.

Denny Bailey murder Chase Anderson

Above: Denny Bailey of Woodland

Kenja Tew murder Chase Anderson

Above: Kenja Tew of Clearfield

Chantell Demi murder Chase Anderson

Above: Chantell Demi of Woodland

Joseph Ralston murder Chase Anderson

Above: Joseph Ralston of Curwensville