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5-month-old calf dies after neglect


Porter Township, PA – An Armstrong County man is facing a felony charge for allegedly neglecting a 5-month-old calf at a farm in Jefferson County, resulting in its death.

38-year-old Brian Lettie from Dayton is charged with aggravated cruelty to animals and neglect of animals.

After a complaint was filed, an officer was called to a property on Porter Road in Porter Township for reports of a dead 5-month-old calf.

According to the landowner, Lettie had permission to raise the calf on this property.

However, Lettie allegedly did not provide adequate shelter for the calf during the cold weather and did not give the animal enough water.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 5.

In previous criminal dockets against Lettie, it shows that he was involved in a similar case in 2016, charged with 55 counts of animal cruelty for starving and neglecting animals on an Indiana County farm. He served 12 months of probation and performed community service.

NOTE: The above image is a stock photo of a calf, not a photo of the specific calf involved in this story.