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26-year-old Morrisdale man charged with suspicious box at Clearfield Courthouse


Clearfield, PA – A Morrisdale man was charged for leaving the suspicious box at the Clearfield County Courthouse earlier in the week, leading to a bomb squad to be called in.

26-year-old Tyler Thompson faces felony charges for causing a serious public inconvenience, along with a misdemeanor charge of hazardous disorderly conduct.

The military-style crate was found around 7:20 Monday morning outside of Attorney Chris Pentz’s office. It had no note on the outside of the box and looked odd, so Pentz called police because he was concerned about what might be inside.

In the meantime on Monday, the streets around the Clearfield County Courthouse were shutdown. The Dimeling, an apartment building with mostly older residents, had to be evacuated. Resident were taken to another location via bus.

The bomb squad found that it was a false alarm. As they were there, Thompson called police and said the box was from him, that it paperwork related to his divorce case, and that Pentz was his ex-wife’s attorney. The box was found to contained papers and personal photos.

It also reportedly had a note inside that said it was “the last piece of good faith that would be shown.”

Police were also advised that Thompson had also posted a concerned video on Facebook earlier that sated his divorce was not “theatrical” enough, but that video has been removed.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 17.