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2020 Election: Ongoing results and coverage


Pennsylvania – Check here for the full local results for Pennsylvania’s 2020 general election.

Click the links below to stay up-to-date with poll results. Be aware that mail-in ballots could take a while to calculate.

Mail-in ballots cannot start being counted in Pennsylvania until the day of election.

Please expect that we will not know the winners of any races, including the presidential race, the night of the election. It will be at least a few days until all votes are counted.

Every vote matters and every vote counts. We will not be announcing a winner until in-person and mail-in votes have been tallied.

Ongoing results:

Pennsylvania ballot results

Clearfield County results

Jefferson County results

Elk County results (click on unofficial media report)

All results are pending official and final tabulation. Not all write-in ballots have been calculated yet in many counties.


The one race that we can call already… Pennsylvania’s 15th Congressional District will remain in the hands of Republican Glenn GT Thompson. He has won his re-election as Democrat Robert Williams conceded last night.


Although it appears from the current results that all of the Republican local candidates have won in their races, no other candidates have made an official announcement yet.

This includes:

Senator for the 25th District (vacated by Senator Joe Scarnati) – Republican Cris Dush and Democrat Margie Brown

Representative for the 75th District (vacated by Representative Matt Gabler) – Republican Mike Armanini and Democrat Ryan Grimm

Representative in the 66th District – Republican Brian Smith (running unopposed)

Senator in the 66th District – Republican Senator Wayne Langerholc and Democrat Shaun Dougherty