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Sat, Feb 11 from 2:30pm to 4:30pm
Treasure Lake Ski Lodge Road
Join us Saturday, February 11th, for our annual Cardboard Sled Derby. There is a $5 donation, and all proceeds benefit the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.
Trophies and prizes will be awarded for best design and farthest traveled.
(Trophies compliments of Paula and Jeff DuBois)
1. You may only use cardboard and tape to build your sled.
2. Decorations are encouraged on the sides of the sled, but the bottom MUST be cardboard and tape.
3. Your sled must pass inspection to be allowed on the hill.
4. Your sled must be free of sharp edges, pointy objects, or any other feature that may be considered dangerous.
5. You may not use tar-based substances, epoxy glue, fiberglass, resin, or glues that harden into solids.
6. You may not use screws or any sort of mechanical fasteners, nails, or staples.
7. Your sled may not be wrapped in plastic, shrink wrap, or any other materials.
8. One rider per sled. (Group sled riding may be done for fun at the end of derby).
9. You may have one person push the sled at the startup until a point designated by cones and/or line in the snow.
10. The same sled MAY be used for multiple age brackets; however, it may only be considered for best design once, and each division requires an individual entrance fee/donation.
11. Your distance is measured when you are in/on the sled. If you fall out, that is where your distance ends (not where your sled ends up).