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How to enable Alexa Skill

Alexa Skill Instructions

Step 1:

Download the Alexa App to manage Alexa Skills on the Amazon Appstore, Google Play or the Apple App Store

Step 2:

Enable the Skill with either Voice, Alexa App, or Amazon Website:

Enable with your Voice First time ever, “Alexa ENABLE Sunny one oh six SKILL” (include the word SKILL) Note: Amazon strongly encourages radio station to use and promote your custom skill with the word OPEN. The word PLAY, is tied to other default apps that Amazon works with such as Tune-In, IHeart Radio, ect.

 Enable manually with the Alexa App:

1. Go to the menu and select Skills.
2. When you find the skill you want (ex: ESPN Tucson), select it to open the Alexa Skill details.
3. Select the Enable Skill option.

 Enable through the Amazon website:

1. Visit https://www.amazon.com/skills
2. Search for the Skill, click for details, then click ENABLE Skill
Note: Your amazon device must be tied to your amazon account.

Step 3:

Activate or Stop the Skill
Once the skill is enabled the first time you can re-enable by saying one of the following:
“Alexa, OPEN Sunny one oh six”
“Alexa, LAUNCH Sunny one oh six”
“Alexa, PLAY Sunny one oh six”
To stop, say “Alexa, STOP”