100 tons destroyed in PA drug take-back program

Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania’s Drug Take Back Program recently surpassed 100 tons of prescription drugs destroyed since Attorney General Josh Shapiro took office in 2017.Shapiro says that prescription drug abuse is the “jet fuel”... Read More.

Eastern hellbender voted PA’s official amphibian

Harrisburg, PA (AP Newswire) – Pennsylvania is getting an official amphibian, a nocturnal, unsightly salamander that's sometimes known as a snot otter, lasagna lizard or mud devil.The House voted 191-6 Tuesday to grant the... Read More.

Trout season open statewide

Pennsylvania - Fishers statewide are now able to catch trout in their favorite spots across Pennsylvania. The traditional Statewide Opening Day of trout season was April 13.Please remember, any fishers age 16 and older... Read More.

Distracted driving still a major concern in PA

Clearfield and Jefferson Counties, PA – Pennsylvania distracted driving citations decreased by 5 percent statewide from 2017 to 2018. But looking at the bigger picture, distracted driving is still a major concern.Despite the recent... Read More.

Proposed bill could help with PA student loans

Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania has the highest student debt per capita in the entire country. Now a proposed bill could help.More than 1.8 million Pennsylvanians carry an estimated total $68 billion in student loan... Read More.

Lobbyist room in PA House of Reps is now closed

Harrisburg, PA – The "lobbyist room" at the back of Pennsylvania's state House of Representatives chamber is now closed.For decades, lobbyists could sit in chairs, watch floor proceedings on TV, print out copies of... Read More.