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Rob Gronkowski reflects on an “incredible” season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers


(NEW YORK) — Rob Gronkowski says it’s “unfortunate” the Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t make this year’s Super Bowl, losing 30-27 to the Los Angeles Rams in the divisional playoff, but he tells ABC Audio he’s not dwelling on it.

“It was a good season.  There’s no doubt about it. It’s unfortunate it didn’t end the way that we wanted it to end, obviously,” the tight end stressed, noting the team’s 13 wins “was the most wins in the franchise history in a single season, which is pretty incredible.”

Gronk also had an incredible season because he’s close to breaking 100 receiving touchdowns in regular season play.  He currently has 92.  When asked about that upcoming milestone, he cryptically replied, “That’s another season away — I would have to play another year, no doubt about that, to get over 100.”  Gronk cheekily noted that he technically did hit that mark “if you include playoffs.”  

Ninety of those receiving passes were thrown by Tom Brady, but Gronk says “it took a while” to build the chemistry fans see on the field.

Gronk detailed the hard work he put in during his rookie year with the Patriots to become the player Brady needed him to be. “We would throw 10 more routes after practice to get that connection, build it up every single week, and it was kind of struggling at first. I didn’t really know the plays, didn’t know my routes that well, didn’t know how Tom wanted me to run them… Then, finally, it just clicked.”

The duo have played in six Super Bowls together, winning four, the last being on their home turf in 2021.  Will the two try again for a fifth Super Bowl win?  On Monday, Gronk flirted with the thought of “year 12” on Twitter, but only time will tell….

As for who Gronk thinks will play in this year’s Super Bowl, he says, “It will be the 49ers versus the Kansas City Chiefs,” noting the latter team’s “offense is red hot.”

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