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6-year-old football player is force to be reckoned with on the field


(NEW YORK) — Video of a girl leaving all her football teammates in the dust is having a viral moment on social media.

Alessia Ashley, 6, from Westchester County, New York, is the only girl on her flag football team. A recording of her most recent game on May 16, posted by her mother Marianna Ashley on TikTok, has been liked and shared by thousands.

In the video, Alessia can be seen running circles around the other players, zig-zagging past them while they either fall or try to catch up with her.

The league Alessia’s team is a part of, Sports Center Consulting, allows kids of any gender to play together, but it just so happened that the only spot available when she registered was on an all-boys team.

“One day she just asked me, ‘Can I play football?’ and I said, ‘Are you sure? With the boys?"” Ashley told “Good Morning America.” “She didn’t even care if she was the only girl. She just was happy to join the team.”

“She’s always been athletic, and she’s always been into sports and soccer. She’s always playing with balls. Like, just anything athletic,” her mother said.

Alessia only started playing football earlier this year, and, according to her mother, was timid at first.

“She’s very shy when she doesn’t know anyone. She didn’t know these kids so she was a little hesitant when she would get the ball,” Ashley said. “She wouldn’t put her all into it and go for the touchdown.”

But as Alessia felt more comfortable, her affinity for the sport revealed itself.

“We were all blown away,” Ashley said. “The entire team just goes crazy when she gets the ball. They know something crazy is about to happen.”

Sports also run in the family. While Ashley admitted she’s not the sporty type herself, Alessia looks up to her older brother Bobby, 11, who plays football and soccer.

With the season winding down, Alessia has one last game and then the playoffs if they win. After that, her summer plans involve getting a trainer to hone her skills and staying active with other sports.

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