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Some Nikki Haley voters split on Bidens executive action on immigration


(WASHINGTON) — Some supporters of Nikki Haley, a group President Joe Biden’s campaign has been courting following her March exit from the GOP presidential primary, are reacting to president’s executive action at the southern border with many split on if it influences how they will cast their ballots in November.

The executive action limits the number of migrants that would be allowed to claim asylum at the southern U.S. border. Also, it immediately sends them back to their country of origin to wait until the daily average — 2,500 — goes down and, once it goes down, they would be able to claim asylum.

For many of these Haley voters, action on immigration and the border were among top issues of concern in 2024 and came two weeks after the Biden campaign met with some Haley voters who expressed the issues they cared the most about heading into the general election.

Both Biden and former President Donald Trump are hoping to woo Haley supporters — a key group of voters who could help either candidate edge ahead in what is expected to be a close race in November.

ABC News spoke with seven Haley supporters to gauge their reactions to the Biden executive action. Some of these voters took part in the call that occurred between Haley voters and the Biden campaign in May. Others were found through social media.

David Hale, a 25-year-old in Fulton County, Georgia who voted for Haley, told ABC News that he welcomed Biden’s immigration executive action and that this move could help Biden with some undecided Republicans.

“While I hope this is not the sole action taken by the Biden administration to secure the border, this executive order is a welcome change and sorely needed,” Hale said to ABC News. “MAGA Republicans, under the direction of Donald Trump, torpedoed the recent bipartisan border bill, and I commend President Biden for continuing to take action despite that obstacle”

Hale added that “this move will help him with Republicans who feel disaffected by Trump.”

However, some view Biden’s rule as coming too late — a message many Republicans in Washington have expressed as well.

“Personally, I found it to be too little, too late,” said Jackson, a Haley supporter from Boca Raton, Florida, who didn’t want his last name to be used. “Biden has had three years in the White House to do something about this. I would have preferred action a long time ago, but it is better than nothing.

Jackson said he hoped the move influenced Biden’s larger border policy.

“I’m hoping that the majority of Democrats, Republicans and independents wanting border solutions will continue to push him to the center on this issue.”

Roger Stewart, 63, who served in the military and resides in North Carolina, told ABC News that he was pleased with Biden’s executive action and said it opens the possibility of voting for Biden in November.

“I’m fundamentally Republican, centrist, and I’m in a swing state, so I want my vote to count,” Stewart said.

Stewart added that Biden’s continued outreach to undecided Haley voters like him is positive, adding that Trump has not done enough to win their votes.

“He’s made that choice not to do any outreach and I personally think that’s a mistake, but it’s insulting to us, honestly,” Stewart said.

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