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Severe weather updates: Tornado outbreak hits Mississippi and Louisiana


(NEW YORK) — At least 15 tornadoes touched down across Mississippi and Louisiana Tuesday night in what can be considered a tornado outbreak, as severe weather impacts the Gulf Coast and the Tennessee River Valley.

Tornadoes have been reported near Bakers and Steens, Mississippi, and over Vernon, Mississippi, producing quarter-sized to ping pong-sized hail. There are reports of structural damage across several locations in Mississippi.

A tornado watch has been extended until 2 a.m. CT for parts of southeast Arkansas, northern and central Louisiana, and central Mississippi. The National Weather Service called it a “particularly dangerous situation.”

The tornadoes are expected to hit into Tuesday night, although the peak of the tornadic activity has likely happened. People who live in weaker homes are encouraged to go to storm shelters.

The severe storms could also bring damaging winds and large hail.

Cities in the bullseye are Jackson, Mississippi; Alexandria, Louisiana, and Memphis, Tennessee. Impacts could also reach New Orleans, Mobile and Birmingham, Alabama; Nashville, Tennessee, and eastern Kentucky.

Flash flooding is possible in southern Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

On Wednesday, the storm system is forecast to move east.

Strong thunderstorms are possible from the Florida Panhandle to the Carolinas. In addition, heavy rain and gusty winds are expected from Washington, D.C., to Boston.

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